The World Is Shaking: What’s Going On?

An earthquake in Japan, El Salvador and New Zealand are worrying. The planet is shacking and none can give a good reason on why it’s happening. And the world itself, in many places, is shacking.

Peru has not experienced yet another big earthquake after 2007, but they have reported several seismic movements during the last months. And recently Chile suffered a seismic movement of considerably importance. And the question rises once again: What’s going on? What’s happening with our world?

On this article we will discuss about the most recent earthquakes and give a light on these issues.

The Japan Case: 21/11/2016

Japan is one of the countries which unfortunately has to offer a high number of earthquakes in a relatively short space of time. This time they were hit by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake which mainly affected the Tomioka, Fukushima Prefecture.

In the past Japan has suffered many earthquakes, and one of the most disastrous was the one that affected Fukushima nuclear center. This put all the country in risk and the eyes of the world on this issue.

Fortunately, due to these experiences, Japan is always ready to respond to these disasters very quickly.

El Salvador Case: 24/11/2016

On this date a 7.0 magnitude earthquake stroke on El Salvador, a country in Central America. The worst about this earthquake is that it rocketed the tsunami alerts in this part of the American continent.

It’s worrying, because as we said before, there are lots of seismic movements registered in the whole continent. So it makes one think that it may be just a matter of time before a really strong earthquake strikes South America once again, be it Chile or Peru. Both of these countries have experienced some of the worst earthquakes till date.

El Salvador, just like Japan, is a country which has experienced many earthquakes. One of the most devastating ones happened in 2001. It was a 7.6 earthquake which took away lots of lives and put a lot of people in risk.

This one, happened in November, 2016, revives that fear. Unfortunately, unlike Japan, El Salvador despite being a country with a large earthquakes history, is not well-prepared to respond effectively and quickly to these disaster.

The New Zealand Case: 14/11/2016

A 7.8 earthquake happened in New Zealand recently. Fortunately, not many people died in such a disastrous and strong earthquake.

It’s just another good proof that there’s something going on in our world. And it just makes us wonder: Where will it hit next? South America seems like the perfect candidate. It has registered many seismic movements lately and is in the same zone of danger as Japan.

We dare to say that it’s just a matter of time. Because the planet is shacking and it won’t stop. As it seems 2016 will conclude as one of the years with the biggest changes and some of the most disastrous natural catastrophes. We will see what happens in the near future.


The Rise of Alternative News Websites

Is it another blow to the Establishment? Well, as it seems it is. During this presidential race of 2016 we saw new and alternative news sources to emerge. And no, we are no talking about fake news portals like the ones we discussed on a previous article.

For instance, Infowars which is managed by Alex Jones has gained a lot of popularity. People are getting tired of traditional news sources because they do not trust them as much as they did in the past. That’s why new alternatives have emerged and they are becoming popular. On this article we will analyze a few of them and the reasons behind this phenomenon.

The Infowars Case:

This news portal managed by Alex Jones and all of his team gained a lot of notoriety and popularity during this presidential race. They clearly supported Donald Trump, while the traditional media endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Here we can see another reason on why news sources like Infowars have become more important and trustable. It’s because they endorsed an anti-establishment candidate, and by doing that, they also became anti-establishment.

Even though some news and reports from Infowars are a bit weird, more often than not they are right on what they report. Especially during this presidential race, where they positioned themselves as a trustable alternative news source.

And we have to say that they played an important role into protecting Trump and driving more voters to his side. And another important factor that makes Infowars stand out is the high-energy and often controversial attitude of Alex Jones.


Another alternative media that has gained a lot of popularity and is accumulating millions over millions of visits is Breitbart. And this is another proof that alternative media has room and void to fill, because people are TIRED of traditional news. So Breitbart has become a very trustable and popular alternative for people who want to be informed.

Just like Infowars, this portal was also one of the very few which supported Donald J. Trump during the presidential race. They bet against all odds, when the traditional media said HRC would win by a landslide, but we could see that it was not true. And as of now we can see the Trump won Michigan, a feat that had not been accomplished by a Republican since 1988.

The Trump phenomenon was what was needed for these alternative media sources to emerge and position themselves as an alternative people can opt for. And with the pass of the time we can only expect them to grow more.

The world of media and press is changing quickly. Now media is becoming de-centered. As it seems the future of media and press is on small or medium-sized news centers like Breitbart and Infowars.

All in all, Infowars is just getting bigger with the pass of the time and people are looking for a different kind of press, something that Infowars represents very well. And people like it very much.


All About The Fake News Hysteria

Nowadays it’s easy to talk about “Fake News”, which had a special place in the US elections of 2016 where Donald Trump resulted as the winner of the presidential race. He fought a very tough battle, and he won. It could not be another way, because he’s a real deal-maker and he used all of his experience and business knowledge onto this presidential race.

But now let’s keep that aside. It’s time to talk about the Fake News Hysteria and all about it. It’s going to be a non-politically-correct article, so you better know it from now!

What’s The Reason?

Well, if we wanted to classify fake news sources, then we could very well put CNN inside that bag. Why? Because they have been detected in several times blatantly lying to the American people and people all over the world.

It was clear that they were favoring Hillary Rodham Clinton during the presidential race, and we could see what they were really capable of by spreading arguments and news without a solid base or evidence.

But when people talk about fake news, they mean those websites with tons of ads which are probably managed by your average Joe trying to earn a buck with all that advertising.

But what’s the reason? Well, all people like to earn money, and by spreading fake news which can go viral very easily, especially in a heated season like the presidential race in the US, they can drive lots of traffic to their websites and therefore earn a lot of money thanks to the ads they place.

So we can see that the majority of time fake news websites have a pure monetary interest into creating them and spreading them all over the internet. The more they do it, the more they earn.

In the case of CNN and other big media networks we can see that their interest was also centered on money but also on favoring Hillary Clinton politically. This is something most people in the country and all over the world could see.

Why? It’s just needed to remember the now-embarrassing reports on how Hillary Clinton was going to win by a landslide. Another proof on how they wanted to manipulate the opinion of people. And we all could see that Trump won by a landslide. Something only alternative media sources had predicted.

With the fall of HRC many big media centers like CNN have been hurt badly. They have lost credibility and once you lose it, you are over. And this has been the biggest strike they have received in years.

So as we can see the fake news are not only delivered by an average Joe running a fake news website, but also by big media like CNN, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc. They all have been proven to lie on this election. They lied over and over again, but like we all now, at the end of the day the truth shall emerge.