Orchard House Press Circa 2009


Orchard House Press was a traditional publishing house dedicated to staying small, adaptable and innovative. They published timeless books and games for all ages in more than a dozen genres. They excelled at projects that push the envelope of expectation -- projects created by impassioned authors.
This was their website.
Content is from the site's 2009 archived pages as well as other outside sources providing a brief glimpse of what this site offered its authors and readers.

"In the face of hardships and hard times, or when detractors wave their angry fists and spout ignorance, we all have two choices: Come together or fall apart. At Orchard House Press, we choose to come together."
--Jennifer DiMarco, Chief Executive Officer

"I don't work as a editor to spread my own voice in a myriad of variations; I can speak and write for myself. I love what I do because I get to listen to other people's voices and give them a chance to be heard."
--Cris K.A. DiMarco, Senior Editor

Mission Statement

As an independent voice in publishing, we work with both new and established authors who are looking for a personal relationship with their publisher. We build careers, not over-night sensations. We do not backlist nor force results in a perform-or-be-cancelled environment. We educate our authors in the industry and require that our staff be published authors.

Orchard House Press is inclusive and diverse in celebration of this only green world and the endless variety of voices found here. We seamlessly integrate authors and staff from all walks of life and value their timeless stories. We are pro-child, pro-GLBT and pro-Christian. We are nonpartisan and owned and operated by women. We publish books that entertain and enrich; we do not publish agendas, doctrine or propaganda. We are not owned by a corporate interest nor do we answer to any force but our love of the arts.

Orchard House Press looks forward to serving you as a lover of fine books and ground-breaking games. It is our honor to introduce and welcome you to our family.


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Submission Guidelines

We work with both established and new authors, as well as artists in all stages of their careers. Please see specific guidelines below and follow them carefully. We value your time and our own.

For Authors
We are not currently taking new titles. Please check back in January 2012 for our guidelines.

For Artists
We are currently accepting portfolios. We work with artists in many mediums for our book covers -- adult, teen, and children's -- as well as for our storybook interiors. Artists should be comfortable working in color as well as black and white and be able to work cooperatively with an editor and an author. We respect an artist's interruption of a work, but also strive for harmony with our authors and our own marketing needs.

Send at least five black and white and at least five color examples of your work. Examples should always be copies, not your originals.

Include a standard self-addressed stamped envelope for our response. If you want your examples back, include a self-addressed stamped envelope for them. If your style is something we're looking for, your portfolio will be kept on file until a project is ready.

Your cover letter must include your rates for the following, if applicable:

  • Color Front Cover (Basic) 6 x 9
  • Color Front Cover (Wrap) 13 x 9
  • Color Interiors (Storybook, 18 pp) 8 x 8

Black and White



Complete Title List / All our titles alphabetically.

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1000 Reasons You Might Think She is My Lover
A pocket-sized volume, 1000 Reasons You Might Think She Is My Lover, is a collection of three line images set six to a page in a wild variety of fonts and type sizes. Most of these one-thousand reasons are suggestive, erotic, outrageous. And while they do make use of metaphor, all are accessible and stimulate the imagination.

1001 Nights Exotica

Status: Available
Page Count: 200
Edition: Fourth
ISBN: 978-1-59092-117-8
SRP (USD): $14.99
Size: 5.5x8.5 trade paperback
Cover: Blue Artisans
Genre(s): Fiction
Homepage: Cris K.A. DiMarco

She finishes her tea. I slice a ripe peach in half and twist the two halves together until they slide apart. Offering her the half without the pit, I watch her touch the fruit to her lips, watch her tongue explore the smooth flesh and the soft skin before she bites hungrily into it.
I lift the pit out with my fingers and set it gently on the glass tabletop. With deliberate casualness, I trace my fingers across the fruit's dark center, asking her a question and listening to her breathing as she struggles to concentrate on two things at once. "I'm sorry, what?" she says finally, her eyes rising from my hands to my face.
"I asked if you were ready to finish."
"Yes," she says softly. "I'm ready."

From the author of Virtual Rock and Sparks Might Fly comes a collection of erotic, exotic and remarkable stories along side her critically acclaimed stories-behind-the-stories.

"There is a balance here and truth. From the multicultural cast -- drawn from her own friends -- to the multitude of emotions, Cris has written a collection too rich, too powerful, and way too hot to read in one sitting. Ration your servings over a week or more for the most satisfying read of the year."
-- Gille Myotis

"Sexy and smart."
-- Harley DeSalvo

"The stories in Cris' collection were so powerful I was knocked on my ass. I laughed hard and cried hard and took a lot of cold showers."
-- Sandra Vaughn

1002 Nights Exotica

"Forty-one. Forty-two. Forty-three...."
Your mouth against mine is hard and hungry. You pull me against you and I can feel your nails rake across my skin as you push your hands up under my shirt. My hands skate across your breasts; the nipples are erect under the soft cloth and I want to linger there, remembering their shape and heaviness but there is no time.

"Fifty-five. Sixty."
"She's skipping numbers," you gasp.
I laugh and pull you closer...

Erotic or exotic. Steamy or haunting. This second volume in DiMarco's Exotica series is full of powerful stories that look at who we are even while they make our knees weak and shake the foundations on which we stand. Drawing from true stories and seven years of best-selling prowess, Newport knows how to give us what we want. Featuring photographs by the author and her critically acclaimed stories-behind-the-stories section.

"I was amazed by the power behind the stories. Even the best erotica can often feel contrived. Not here. Stories are rock solid, beautifully composed and red hot."
-- ArabyFair

"Whether haunting or cold-shower inducing, DiMarco's stories are distinct and unforgettable. Thinking-woman's erotica."
-- The Brilliant Review

"DiMarco writes about sex. About her friends. About herself. All with a sexy honesty that turns the pages for you."
-- Harley DeSalvo

ABCs of Hidden Heroines
ABC Yoga

Adepts of Calluna, Book 1: Keeper of the Piece
Keeper of the Piece is a fun fantasy story about a quirky and reclusive nature lover, named Tatum Belan, and a researcher sent to her for help to find an ... Book one of the Adepts of Calluna series throws together a plant adept and an animal adept

Adepts of Calluna, Book 2: Constellations of the Heart
Adepts of Calluna, Book 3: Woven in Life's Tapestry
Adventures in Time, Book 1: Storm in Time, The Peddler's Tale
Adventures in Time, Book 2: Born Between Times, The Salem Witch Trials
After Hours
Always: Dreaming Out Loud Edition

Amazons of Aggar, Book 1: Shadows of Aggar

Diana n'Athena is an Amazon working for the Terran empire on the medieval planet of Aggar. Her mission: Rescue a downed pilot and spy from Aggar's badlands. But Aggar is not part of the Terran empire and before Aggar's Council will allow the journey, Diana must be bonded to a Shadowmate.
Before her death in July 1997, beloved lesbian-feminist author Chris Anne Wolfe published two of her four classic Amazon adventure novels – “Shadows of Aggar” and “Fires of Aggar.” These two volumes are only the first half of the Aggar cycle. Chris Anne also published two stand-alone novels, the time-bending romance, “Annabel and I,” and the retelling of Beauty and the Beast, “Roses and Thorns.”

Amazons of Aggar, Book 2: Fires of Aggar
And Featuring Bailey Wellcom as the Biscuit
Andromeda! The Best Websites

Angel Fallen

Status: Forthcoming
Page Count: TBA
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-1-59092-642-0
SRP (USD): $12.99
Size: 5.5x8.5 trade paperback
Cover: Brianne DiMarco
Genre(s): Science Fiction & Fantasy
Homepage: Cris K.A. DiMarco

1465 ad. An already ancient greek monastery. A beautiful child of mysterious origins. He embodies faith like no one the monks have ever known. He will be tested by life and tempered by fire, but his end will also be the beginning.

Angelus esaias is arch angel, a passionate christian rock star during the neroian nights, 2030 ad, when christians disappear from their homes and the faithful are hiding. Backed by his enigmatic manager and friend, chorus, and band members elijah and nathan, angelus stands in the spot light and bares not only his soul but divine wings. He is a hero... A man... And an immortal.

Angelus is not a stranger to changing other people's lives, but when a fangrrl contest and a backstage pass brings the alluring and damaged alyson across his path, it is angelus' life that will never be the same.
Includes a limited edition card not available anywhere else.

Angel! The Best Websites
Anime and Manga! The Best Websites
Annabel and I
Appearances of Impropriety
Apples and Oranges

Areane Journals, Book 1: The King's First Journey

When a false murder charge sends Jim Taylor and his family fleeing from an enraged mob, they find themselves entrenched in a new world. Areane is a land of myth, infused with magic and creatures of legend, but it quickly proves to be as dangerous as it is strange. Faced with assassins, black magic, and the Areane underground, Jim and his sister, Diane, attempt to unravel the dark mystery surrounding their arrival and their destinies; a mystery that not only threatens their lives, but the existence of a nation. A tale of mystery, family, loyalty, and friendship, The King's First Journey begins The Areane Journals, a series chronicling the darkest time in Areane's history, and the young man who could bring hope to a nation on the verge of destruction.

Areane Journals, Book 2: The Paladin's Choice
Areane Journals, Book 3: The Dark Sorcerer's Return

Armchair Writers
Armory of Aardvarks, Zeal of Zebras
Artist's Life

Ask Irwin: Life, Love and HIV

First published in the late 1990s, Irwin Michelfelder's columns are timeless. He sees into human nature with clarity and compassion, gently guiding readers toward truth in their lives.
"Ask Irwin" was a regular feature in Bay Windows, a Boston-based weekly newspaper. Responding to questions from the community at large, Irwin tackled issues related to HIV and AIDS by using an honest, thought-provoking and personal approach.
Without ever resorting to "psycho-babble," Irwin talked directly and explicitly about AIDS transmission, prevention and safe sex practices. His compassion for those he responded to and his clarity in describing the consequences of one's actions make his columns one of the most widely read and discussed features of the paper.
This complete collection has lost none of its importance in the years since its initial publication--in fact, his words are more important today than ever.

Assault of Laughter
At the Edge: Arts Ex Machina Edition
Babylon 5 Crusade! The Best Websites
Babylon 5 Crusade Episode Guide
Babylon 5 Episode Guide for Season One
Babylon 5! The Best Websites
Bad Apple Jack
Baseball Bunting: The Lost Art
Basilisk's Crest: A Mayan Legend
Becoming a Nanny: Working as a Live-in Childcare Provider
Below the Waves: Timmy's Quest

Belt Republic, Book 1: 2176 Birth of the Belt Republic
What happens when you fill a swimming pool with three hundred kilos of lime gelatin? Gil Klanz is about to find out. Gil Klanz is a sixteen-year-old living in the asteroid belt, ready to graduate from Belt Corporation High School with a bright future ahead of him at the Naval Academy. But when the gelatin prank goes awry, Gil finds himself blacklisted by an unforgiving Belt Corporation. Forced to find work, Gil becomes part of the independence movement--a movement that is quickly turning into a war.

Belt Republic, Book 2: Menace Beyond the Moon
Belt Republic, Book 3: The Secret Fleets
Belt Republic, Book 4: Royal Threat
Belt Republic, Book 5: The Pandora Project

Best Thing: An Almost True Story of Ladybugs and Sisters
Bewitching the Chickadees
Big Five-O Café

Blackhope Scaur Sourcebook

Blackhope Scaur Trilogy, Book 1: The Rusty Pelican

For Finnley McDougall Sixth Grade homework is boring and dumb. He is having enough trouble impressing his mom, hiding from his Latin teacher, and surviving Alex Drivelson, the school bully. The last thing Finn needs is more essays on Mesopotamia. What he wants is more action and adventure than his quiet neighborhood in Seattle can provide. But when Great Uncle Hugh McDougall arrives from Scotland, he gives Finn a most unusual gift - a scruffy, rude, bad-tempered Scottish rock creature called Wullie who brings danger and disaster with him wherever he goes. From French snobs in fancy hotels to urine-soaked alleys and rusting barges on the Seattle waterfront Finn is drawn into an evil plot that threatens to destroy everything he loves. The only person who thinks that Finn is smart enough or brave enough to make a difference is his best friend and next door neighbor, Hadley Kobayashi, a girl who is wiser and tougher than Finn is. If only they can survive being choked by Lavender perfume, drowned in Elliott Bay, or burned alive in a coal furnace, Finn and Hadley might just prove everyone else wrong. Book One of the Blackhope Scaur Trilogy

Blackhope Scaur Trilogy, Book 2: The Abandoned Mine
Blackhope Scaur Trilogy, Book 3: The Doomed Castle

Blast! Create Your Own Collectable Card Games
Blue Nights in Atlantis
Bock Bock's Rock
Bones Become Flowers
Breed of a Different Kind
Broccoli Eaters
Broom Closet Detectives: Volume 1
Broom Closet Detectives, Volume 2
Buffy the Vampire Slayer! The Best Websites
Cape Cod Light
Cape May Stories
Caruso the Mouse
Cast a Wide Circle
Change in the Weather
Charmed! The Best Websites
Christian Daily Scheduler
Christmas for Bly and Ray
Ciré-Nahtan Universe Sourcebook
Clarence: How a Cricket Found His Way
Collected Adventures, Volume 1: Baby Squirrel is in Town
Collecting Creatures: Bookmarks to Color
Condominiums: The Pros and Cons of Ownership
Connedim, Book 1: The Rune of Zachary Zimbalist
Connedim, Book 2: The Legend of Zamiel Zimbalist
Costume Adventures, Book 1: Iris, Alex, and Zoe
Crossing the Center Line
Crusader Rabbit and Other Stories
Daddy's Boots
Danger: Long Division
David and Dad Catch the Rainbow
David and Daddy Catch the Rainbow: For Little Ones
Dark Shadows! The Best Websites
Death, Sweet Suitor Mine
Delayed Paradise
Don't Tell Me the Ending
Dr. Who! The Best Websites
Dragon's Big Discovery
Dreamer's Forest, Book 1: A Bridge in the Forest



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